Want to join the Topeka Kennel Club?

We have 2 types of membership:

*Single $20.00 yr.
*Family $25.00 yr.
(Husband, Wife & Children under 18)

Each applicant shall fill out application form and have it
signed by 2 members in good standing. By doing so
applicant agrees that they have read and will abide by
the club's bylaws.

Applicant will submit dues for current year along with
completed application to be filed with the club secretary.

Application will be read at 2 meetings within a 6 month
period, applicant must be present, upon which time a
vote will be taken and approved with 3/4 approval of
members present.
Below are links to assist you in the process. You may print and fill out the application. Bring it with
you to a meeting or contact an officer or board member for additional assistance.
We look forward to meeting you.